Monday, July 19, 2010

I am alive and well...

Hello dear blogger friends.. I know things have been pretty quiet on here. Moving my blog to my own domain has left my blog kind of quiet. Not as many followers and commenters left me kind of unmotivated. I have lots of things on my heart lately, some things I have thought about blogging about. But life and responsibilities have kept me from sitting down and actually blogging.  By the time I actually have time- I forget what I was going to say. Has anyone had that problem?

The Lord has been laying lots of things heavy on my heart. Most of all is prayer.. How to pray has been my number one question... How do we know that Our heavenly Father hears our prayers? I know that sometimes answered prayer is obvious.. but what about prayers that are not so obvious.( Like for lost souls. ) What about prayers  you pray of protection and guidance for people you know are not believers, does He hears those prayers?? I have not recieved answers to these questions(except one how to pray) but I am still seeking Him.

My heart is to hear His voice and KNOW without any doubt He is with me in everything I do. That I seek His face in all decisions I make.. not go by "feeling" but by the Holy Spirit.. am I making any sense??

Well those are some of the things my mind and heart keeps going over...

What about you- what is heavy on your heart today?

Thank you for stopping by and reading


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  1. I completely understand what you mean by "not go by "feeling" but by the Holy Spirit". My pastor often says this isn't a feeling walk we are on, but a faith walk. I too have some of the same questions you do. I often pray for Him to open my spiritual ears so that when I hear Him, I will know that is Him. On my heart many things, mainly the health of my unborn child and the souls of my lost love ones. Please know after reading your comment on my blog, that I'm praying that God opens your womb. Hugs...


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