Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Saying "I love you"...

Thinking about these words. These words that are to express our deepest emotions. These words that are to leave us vunerable and open, just do not seem to have the impact they use to. Many people use these words so fleeting. They use them as if to say "thank you", or "I thought about you today".

For me "I love you" is not an easy thing to say. If I say I love you- I mean it from way down deep in my heart. They are not just words to be said but also words, that are to be put into action.

Have you ever thought about that? When someone says "I love you", do they show through their actions that they love you?  or do they leave you going Huh, really?

I have had those thoughts, wondering if the person who has declared their love really does love me because actions speak louder than words to me. I hear their words but then on the other hand see their actions and  they do not act like a person who even cares about my well being.

Jesus never states in the Word- "I love you" to anyone. He challenges us to love others whether they  love you back or not (Mat 5:46) He asks Simon Peter-  "do you love me?" (Jhn 21:15) But He does not say "I love you" but through His actions He shows us how much He loves us. He loved us so much He was willing to die for our sins. (now that is actions speaking louder than ones words) In His Words, and Commands, and Challenges to us He shows His love for us.

"I love you" are to be words from the heart.. My challenge to you today is- do you have people in your life that you declare your love to that wonder whether your words are true or not? Do your actions show how much you love them?

Be sure dear ones that your actions follow after your words.

Love as Christ loved!



  1. I know the feeling. The term "I love you" is used so loosely.

  2. I have to remind myself that with my children, I need to show them how much I love them in ways that they would receive that love. I'm pretty sure that they don't really see the depth of my love when I'm doing laundry or scrubbing a toilet like I wish they would (although when it's added to their chore list this year, they'll probably come to the realization! LOL).

    Although that term "I love you" is probably overused by certain people, I hope my own attitude or heart doesn't reject it or doubt it just because I don't understand it. (Does that makes sense out loud like it does in my head?)

    It is important to tell those that we care about that we love them. Some people are so scared to ever say those words for fear of sounding silly. But those words should always be backed up by our actions.

  3. My sister....this is such a great post! Do you know it NEVER occured to me that Jesus never says, "I love you" in the bible? People do indeed just throw that phrase around. It truly is more important to show someone you love them, then to meaninglessly tell them.


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