Sunday, September 26, 2010


We are easily and quickly transitioning into our new life here in PA. The place we are staying is gorgeous in so many ways. The majestic mountains surround us on almost every side and it is isolated from traffic and civilization.

The home we are temporarily staying in is very nice though there are a few inconveniences but with the Lords grace we will manage. We just keep reminding ourselves the blessing this place is to us.

It's makes me appreciate friendships and sad that families today have become so detached from each other that they do not try to meet each others needs or carry each others burdens. In no way do they want to inconvenience their lives.

The children are anxious to begin the refereeing here. It has not been as easy as anticipated not for lack of effort on our part. Seems to be a bit on slow side here.

My Maria and Joseph both celebrated a birthday. They each turned another year older. They have been gracious to the situation, enjoying a meal of their choice and a small dessert of their choice.

We have no Internet here- so posting to the blog will be very difficult so I probably won't do it much till we get to our own home. Then I will catch you up on everything...

Blessings and keep us in your prayers

Friday, September 17, 2010

Thankful Thursday...(Day two of our journey)

i am thankful for my beautiful wife and all that she is to me (my beloved husband)

I am thankful for safety and the Lords hand on our journey.

After a good night sleep I woke up early( around 6ish) and ready to start our day. I slowly started waking the rest of crew so that we could start moving and getting on the road. Everyone sluggishly started moving and gathering our things so we could eat breakfast.

After breakfast we went to fuel up to head towards Georgia.. Refreshed and ready we get on the road. Things were going great till I decided to take a sip of the energy drink called Munster:

I had never tried this stuff nor did I know what this stuff would do to me. I had to concentrate on driving because it instantly put my head in fog. Where I felt very strange and my body was reacting to this nasty stuff. Finally after about an hour or two I could not take it anymore and I had to stop because it also affected my stomach. I learned something about this stuff. My children will never drink this stuff again. It is dangerous stuff!!

We made it to Georgia-

After a break, and lunch at subways-

thanks to my wonderful friend Marsha at Other Such Happenings who gave us coupons for subway which we stopped in Georgia. It was a great lunch and time to getting my body ready for the next part of our trip.

This is a water tower we passed - isn't it cool??

We trucking along just fine until we came upon this in South Carolina close to Greenville.

It took us about an hour to get through this traffic. We think it was because of an accident but we did not really see anything. We just got pass this certain spot, and the traffic opened up.

It did not take us long after this point to hit North Carolina

After a while everyone needed a break so we stopped at the North Carolina welcome center/rest center.

The children spotted a field and started running and kicking a soccer ball around. Even the dog went crazy!

Noah kicked his shoes off and went crazy!

We stayed there for about 3o minutes letting the kids run around and get their energy out, not to mention it helped wake us all up.

After about another 4 hours we finally made it to my sisters about 10:30pm. It was a long day, but the Lord was gracious and merciful.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day one of our trip..

Thanks to our wonderful friends, the Saldana's we had a wonderful evening after a day of packing. Because we were able to get everything done so early we cleaned the house, and handed in our keys to the rental home. Our friends, offered their home for us to stay in and we took them up on the offer. It was such a blessing to us.(though I was exhausted!)

The next morning we woke up she made us breakfast. After the day of loading and cleaning we had - my brain was fried. I could not remember what I did with my directions. We could not find the GPS- yes it was a great start to our journey.. but instead of getting frustrated my beloved and I just took a deep breath and decided we knew which way we needed to head, so just drove. Good thing I put the good old fashion maps in the moving truck and one in my car.  So that is exactly what we did.. we drove toward the right direction and we had two navigators- Joey and Samuel.

We made it through the great swamps of Louisiana-

We stopped for Gas and lunch just outside of Baton Rouge .We ate at Chick Fil A- they were so nice and hospitable.(gave us water for poor Beaulah)...

as we were leaving this area- the light in the background is where we saw the Lord Jesus' hand at work over our family.

We were sitting at that light waiting to turn left on to the highway.

Samuel in the Penske truck


was the leader- since the truck only can go up to 70 miles an hour because of the governor that is on it.Anyway- as he was turning he noticed the traffic .Of course he noticed a car coming but her turn signal was on so he thought she was turning to get on the highway too- but she didn't. She kept going as he was coming across to get on the highway. That is when I watched as God's hand came down and stopped that HUGE, overloaded Penske truck  instantly. I gasped and KNEW He was there with us- guiding us, keeping us safe and I know it was the prayers of many that that moment did not turn into a situation that would have been unpleasant. His protection was there, watching over us, and the lady whose car would have been totaled.

We all took a deep breath and praised Jesus- prayed knowing HE was with us.. and onto Mississippi we went...

We breezed through Mississippi and headed into Alabama- and arrived into Montgomery without another incident and knowing that we were blessed to see the hands of God with us. Along the way we tried to make things fun- though that is hard to do while driving.. so this is how Alex and Paul entertained us..

Yes salt of the Salt N Pepper team showed up. I wish you all could have seen the reactions of others as we drove by.. it was fun, and funny! Some reacted and drove away as fast as they could, others laughed and took photos on their phones, so he just might end up some where on facebook! My little Super Hero!

We made wonderful time- arrived to our hotel room in less than 10 hours to our hotel room.. which was great. Driving time was 10 hours, with stops longer.. and we arrived there sooner than we thought. We were all tired, and hungry so we headed to Waffle House for dinner/breakfast. The children were laughing, and sharing about things they saw and did. We had a blast and were ready to go to bed when we got back to the room. I fell asleep instantly...

Ok well I am going to go.. Look for day two of our trip tomorrow!!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Moving day...

We went and got the truck and that is where the adventure begins-

We were blessed to have many hands that came over to help. We started loading the truck around 10ish, we were done by 1:30. Many hands make for light work.. it is so true!

Here are some fun shots of our moving day-

Thank you Saldanas and Dosseys for helping us out. It would not have been easy  or gone as fast or been as fun without you!!

Thank you Jesus for brothers and sisters in Christ!


Friday, September 10, 2010


I never win them but when it is a good give away I take the time to share. Anything that will strengthen my children in their faith.. any curriculum, book, or material is worth the time..

Over at Raising Hommakers she is giving away the full curriculum for The Prairier Primer. If you are a Little House on the Prairie fan-you will love this curriculum. I will let you know if I win...


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wanting more...

Have you ever been in a place where you wanted more from your walk with Christ?

I want more of Him.

I want more of Him in me.

I want more of  Him emmulating through me and less of me.

Does any of that make sense?

I want to be who He wants me to be.

I want to live out His commands in my life.

I want to please HIM and only Him.

I woke this morning with this desire of wanting more.. what do you do with that? These are the times I wish I had a mentor. Someone wise, strong in faith, that could give me direction on how I can channel this desire in the right direction.

Do mentors even exist anymore?  There was a time that a young woman knew that she a mentor because normally it was her mother. So many of us women are wondering around lost, trying to figure out how to do things, how to figure out life problems on our own. (which is why we fall)  Because like wild animals we have been left to the wild to figure things out, and sometimes we get chewed on by a wild animal because of naivety and lack of experience.

Help me to find You Lord as I seek your face this morning...

Thanks for letting me ramble!


Monday, September 6, 2010

Count Down Week...

Happy Labor day all- I am here alone sitting here on the computer while Noah still snoozes realizing that this is the last week I will be in this house! Next week on this very day we will be picking up our truck to prepare for our big move to PA, by Wednesday we will head north to start a new chapter in our lives.

I have lots of mixed emotions, apprehension is definitely one of them, excitement, anxiousness, should I keep going?? Most of all READINESS! Ready for the change, ready to be back home, ready to be close to my mom, ready to see friends that we love so very dearly, JUST READY!!

Please keep us in your prayers this week as we prepare, finish cleaning, packing fixing, getting ready for whatever the Lord has in store for us!

Thank you all!!


Friday, September 3, 2010

My child in Nicaragua

Have I ever shared with you that I have a child in Nicaragua? Well she is really not mine but as I sponsor her, receive pictures and letters from her, she sure feels like mine. Her name is Maria.- She is a sponsor child that we took on sponsoring  May of 2009. I knew for our family it would be a sacrifice, but to each of us(me and the children) it has become very important that Maria has what she needs. The desire of our hearts is that she know Jesus so through our sponsorship we hope we can give her the love of Christ and show her how much Jesus does love her.

Often times I find myself wanting to hold her, hug her, and tell her how truly loved she is.( oh how awesome that would be!!) She is only in 3rd grade and she lost her mother already. She is being cared for by her grandmother, and father. She has brothers as well. But as a young lady- she is alone, yes she has her grandma, but no mama.This mama's heart grieves for her knowing as she gets older and goes through changes she will struggle, and mourn desiring the care, and love from her mom. I pray that some how Jesus will fill that hole for her!

So I ask today that you pray for my Maria in Nicaragua. Ask Jesus to come into her heart, that you ask him to protect her, to care for her, to bring her up to be a mighty woman of God.  Ask Him to give her a love for Him and His Word. And also pray for us- that we remain diligent to our sponsorship, that the Lord bless the funds, and that the Lord guide Compassion International with wisdom as they minister to children all around the world.

Thanks for letting me share about my little Nicaraguan Child.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for people(brothers and sisters) who are willing to reach out and help when they may not even know you...

Last week I ordered a Saxon Algebra 1 book from a woman from a homeschooling classified site. The reason why I ordered it is because some where in the sea of boxes I have, there is the test forms for our Algebra and of course I could not find it without opening every box. So I went online and ordered it. The person I was ordering from did not accept Paypal, and I was really needing that test booklet as soon as possible, since that happened to be the math that Maria and Joey were in. I called the woman asking if there was some other way she could help me get these books faster.

The first thing she asked me was "Are you  a  Christian?  I said" yes ma'am"

She says "I will send the books priority today, before you send me the check. I trust you!"

I was amazed, astounded that a sister across the miles, who never saw me or met me would reach her hand out to help me in a way so many other brothers and sisters who do know me will NOT. She heard my burden and was willing to carry it for me. Wow- Thank you Kathy for touching the heart of a believer from so far away!!!



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