Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day one of our trip..

Thanks to our wonderful friends, the Saldana's we had a wonderful evening after a day of packing. Because we were able to get everything done so early we cleaned the house, and handed in our keys to the rental home. Our friends, offered their home for us to stay in and we took them up on the offer. It was such a blessing to us.(though I was exhausted!)

The next morning we woke up she made us breakfast. After the day of loading and cleaning we had - my brain was fried. I could not remember what I did with my directions. We could not find the GPS- yes it was a great start to our journey.. but instead of getting frustrated my beloved and I just took a deep breath and decided we knew which way we needed to head, so just drove. Good thing I put the good old fashion maps in the moving truck and one in my car.  So that is exactly what we did.. we drove toward the right direction and we had two navigators- Joey and Samuel.

We made it through the great swamps of Louisiana-

We stopped for Gas and lunch just outside of Baton Rouge .We ate at Chick Fil A- they were so nice and hospitable.(gave us water for poor Beaulah)...

as we were leaving this area- the light in the background is where we saw the Lord Jesus' hand at work over our family.

We were sitting at that light waiting to turn left on to the highway.

Samuel in the Penske truck


was the leader- since the truck only can go up to 70 miles an hour because of the governor that is on it.Anyway- as he was turning he noticed the traffic .Of course he noticed a car coming but her turn signal was on so he thought she was turning to get on the highway too- but she didn't. She kept going as he was coming across to get on the highway. That is when I watched as God's hand came down and stopped that HUGE, overloaded Penske truck  instantly. I gasped and KNEW He was there with us- guiding us, keeping us safe and I know it was the prayers of many that that moment did not turn into a situation that would have been unpleasant. His protection was there, watching over us, and the lady whose car would have been totaled.

We all took a deep breath and praised Jesus- prayed knowing HE was with us.. and onto Mississippi we went...

We breezed through Mississippi and headed into Alabama- and arrived into Montgomery without another incident and knowing that we were blessed to see the hands of God with us. Along the way we tried to make things fun- though that is hard to do while driving.. so this is how Alex and Paul entertained us..

Yes salt of the Salt N Pepper team showed up. I wish you all could have seen the reactions of others as we drove by.. it was fun, and funny! Some reacted and drove away as fast as they could, others laughed and took photos on their phones, so he just might end up some where on facebook! My little Super Hero!

We made wonderful time- arrived to our hotel room in less than 10 hours to our hotel room.. which was great. Driving time was 10 hours, with stops longer.. and we arrived there sooner than we thought. We were all tired, and hungry so we headed to Waffle House for dinner/breakfast. The children were laughing, and sharing about things they saw and did. We had a blast and were ready to go to bed when we got back to the room. I fell asleep instantly...

Ok well I am going to go.. Look for day two of our trip tomorrow!!


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