Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for people(brothers and sisters) who are willing to reach out and help when they may not even know you...

Last week I ordered a Saxon Algebra 1 book from a woman from a homeschooling classified site. The reason why I ordered it is because some where in the sea of boxes I have, there is the test forms for our Algebra and of course I could not find it without opening every box. So I went online and ordered it. The person I was ordering from did not accept Paypal, and I was really needing that test booklet as soon as possible, since that happened to be the math that Maria and Joey were in. I called the woman asking if there was some other way she could help me get these books faster.

The first thing she asked me was "Are you  a  Christian?  I said" yes ma'am"

She says "I will send the books priority today, before you send me the check. I trust you!"

I was amazed, astounded that a sister across the miles, who never saw me or met me would reach her hand out to help me in a way so many other brothers and sisters who do know me will NOT. She heard my burden and was willing to carry it for me. Wow- Thank you Kathy for touching the heart of a believer from so far away!!!



  1. God bless this dear one that so willing helped you.

  2. Wow! That is incredible. Must have been something in your voice or attitude that gave it away. This is truly an example of how God blesses His people! Happy TT!

  3. God is good! So blessed we are to have brothers and sisters in Christ!


  4. Angie, how awesome is that. God is so good!

  5. Praise the Lord! Great testimony!
    Thanks for visiting me, too!


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