Sunday, September 26, 2010


We are easily and quickly transitioning into our new life here in PA. The place we are staying is gorgeous in so many ways. The majestic mountains surround us on almost every side and it is isolated from traffic and civilization.

The home we are temporarily staying in is very nice though there are a few inconveniences but with the Lords grace we will manage. We just keep reminding ourselves the blessing this place is to us.

It's makes me appreciate friendships and sad that families today have become so detached from each other that they do not try to meet each others needs or carry each others burdens. In no way do they want to inconvenience their lives.

The children are anxious to begin the refereeing here. It has not been as easy as anticipated not for lack of effort on our part. Seems to be a bit on slow side here.

My Maria and Joseph both celebrated a birthday. They each turned another year older. They have been gracious to the situation, enjoying a meal of their choice and a small dessert of their choice.

We have no Internet here- so posting to the blog will be very difficult so I probably won't do it much till we get to our own home. Then I will catch you up on everything...

Blessings and keep us in your prayers

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