Monday, November 29, 2010

When blessings are not blessings..

Tell me why do we always say things are a blessing when they really aren't?
Is it because we are afraid to speak the truth?
is it because by stating its not a blessing you could sound ungrateful?
I am very grateful for God's provisions, but will say that somethings are NOT a blessing! The truth is, its hard, it makes me wonder what He is doing, and why!

ok I know all of you are wondering what in the world I am talking about... I am talking about our living conditions. I have tried for the last 10 weeks to convince myself that this place is a blessing. But to be honest- IT has not been. Its not the physical place, it is not the beautiful mountains, or even the hour drive back and forth to my parents. Its the people who own it.

Their children have been a burden to my whole family. They have disrespected our privacy, and our things. They have no discipline, nor guidance in their lives. They have no idea how to honor others more than themselves. But what do you say? We have tried to set the boundaries that are needed for our sake and theirs, but they don't want to honor them.

I have held all this in for 10 weeks, not sure who to even share this with or how to even share this respectfully but the truth is the truth.

We do our children a GREAT injustice when do not train them. When we do not teach them how to respect others. When we don't show them that NOT EVERYTHING is about them.

Over the 20 years I have been a mother I have heard TIME and TIME again how great my children are. How wonderful, and how much people enjoy them. How well behaved, and respectful they are. Often times I say thank you, but every once and awhile I will say- to the Glory of God, but it has been ALOT of work.

Raising children is not easy. IT takes alot from both parents. Lots of time and prayer!! key word was time! They don't raise themselves. They don't learn manners on their own. They don't know right from wrong on their own, and they don't know how to respect others if they don't respect you.

I have always had this philosophy in life, I never wanted anyone to say" We love Sam and Angie, but those children. They are just so unruly I hate spending time with them because of those children."

Children are a blessing. Given to us by the Lord to raise, direct in the way they should go, to bring Him Glory and to leave a heritage, a legacy.

Lord help us!! Help us realize as parents how much we need to guide our children by your Word.

In Jesus Name!

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Watching and waiting

Hello dear friends.. again it has been such a long time. But with minimal internet capabilities and days filled. It seems likes our days here in Pa are flying by. We celebrated my birthday last week. 40 years of age has come up upon me so quickly it seems like yesterday I was only 20 years old.

The very next day we celebrated Noah's 4th birthday. Wow 4- can it be for real that he is 4 years old. Oh how in so many ways I long for that little babe in my arms to hold, and cuddle with. Though I can share I am enjoying this spunky-crazy,out going, outspoken 4 year old, who goes by so many different names. Not one of them his own. He is Ironman, Warrior Machine, and Duck all rolled up in one!

Now as we wait.. to see what the Lord has next for us. Where He will have us live, and what job he would have for Sam it has been a challenge for us all. Trying to show faith and show patience in waiting on Him to do what He does best and that is provide.

Please pray as we continue to seek His face and do His will in our lives.


Monday, November 1, 2010

6 weeks and counting

Yes it's only been six weeks since our arrival here in Pa. In so many ways it seems so much longer. It seems like forever since we pulled up with our big 26 foot truck ready for a new beginning.

Life began right away- when I say right away I mean a day or two after arrival. At this point I had not gotten a routine down nor have even figured out where things were( a grocery store, post office, bank etc )when I was thrown full speed ahead into what has been the busiest time of my life. At first I was unsure and not really wanting to do what it was I was asked to do. Torn between my wifely/ motherly duties and the need that arose I stepped out meeting the need at the same time meeting the need of our family that was pending around the corner.( The Lord always knows before we do)

The weeks have blended into each other and looking back I wonder how mothers today manage "everything" or do they?
What suffers? Their homes? Their relationship with their spouse? The relationship with their children? Their relationship with Christ?

I also wonder how can I continue managing my homeschooling family, meet their needs and do what I desire to do?
You can not serve two masters.(Matthew 6:24 No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon. )
Yes since the course of the six weeks it has changed my heart from meeting a need to fulfilling something inside of myself that I did not know needed fulfilling. Feeling important, feeling needed and knowing that I am making a difference in even this small way.

Having freedom to make choices even down to, hmm, what do I want for lunch? I know sounds so petty and so stupid but in a life where everything has never been about you, your needs, your wants, your desires or even your dreams, where you have spent a life time laying your life down for others to help them accomplish their life aspirations and dreams. And yet feel you are spinning your wheels in the mud! To watch and see those you have made sacrifices for seem to not appreciate the depth of your sacrifice. Or attempt to take what you have given them and grasp it in it's full capacity.

I guess I could turn those thoughts on Christ and his ultimate sacrifice to us- praise be to Him that He does not get frustrated with me! Nor give up on me or feel that his sacrifice is no longer worth anything. Even though I know at times I have devalued that sacrifice with my defiling sin and attitude!

So dear friends that is what has been going on in a very brief "nut shell"
Please pray for me



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