Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Watching and waiting

Hello dear friends.. again it has been such a long time. But with minimal internet capabilities and days filled. It seems likes our days here in Pa are flying by. We celebrated my birthday last week. 40 years of age has come up upon me so quickly it seems like yesterday I was only 20 years old.

The very next day we celebrated Noah's 4th birthday. Wow 4- can it be for real that he is 4 years old. Oh how in so many ways I long for that little babe in my arms to hold, and cuddle with. Though I can share I am enjoying this spunky-crazy,out going, outspoken 4 year old, who goes by so many different names. Not one of them his own. He is Ironman, Warrior Machine, and Duck all rolled up in one!

Now as we wait.. to see what the Lord has next for us. Where He will have us live, and what job he would have for Sam it has been a challenge for us all. Trying to show faith and show patience in waiting on Him to do what He does best and that is provide.

Please pray as we continue to seek His face and do His will in our lives.


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  1. Happy {belated} Birthday to you! And to Noah!!! The big 4s. :)


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