Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Glorifying Christ in all you do

Since I have arrived in Pa.. I have been working. It is the
first time in years that I have worked. Not because I had to, to
help pay a bill, or catch us up, but to bless another and meet the
need of another. I have been out of the work place for a while. Not
having to deal with people on this level. I can say it is not easy
to show the love of Christ to those who really just have NO CLUE.
Since arriving here these pressing thoughts have been in my mind-
Where is the work ethic? Where is loyalty to your job or your
co-workers? What happened to treating to others as you would want
to be treated? Where is the principle if you are asked to go one
mile go the extra mile? I was raised by Catholic Christians during
the school year and a Pentecostal Christian in the summer. Yes each
doctrine seems to be miles apart from each other never even
touching. Through both of these exposures I knew there is a God, a
creator of the Universe, One who directs our paths, and whom we
will answer to one day for ALL that we have said and done.(Matthew
12:36-37) The thought that I will give an account for every thing I
say and do kind of scares me. For those of you who know me knows I
have every reason to be scared. (haha) Working is no different,
what is your testimony to those around you? Are those around you
believers or lost souls? If they are lost souls, do you show them
the principles taught in the word? Do you turn the other cheek? Do
you go the extra mile? Do you treat others as you would want to be
treated? Or do you come in just like they do, complaining, and
wishing you were not there in the first place? Lord help me to be
an example to of all these things that are pressing on my heart.
Help me to be your living example... Angie

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Its always fun to be recognized by another blogger. They let you know how much they love your blog, your thoughts, or even just the design of your blog... Thanks Wendy at FAiths Firm foundation

Rules for accepting this award are:
1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pay it forward to 15 (or however many you want) recently discovered great bloggers.
4. Contact those bloggers and tell them about their Blog Award!

7 things about myself: 

1. I am married to a wonderful,Godly man-Samuel

2. I am a mother of six wonderful Warriors for Christ.

3. I love photography- no kidding really.. just lately have not had time to pick my camera up.

4. Pennsylvania is the state I grew up in and is where my heart lies. I love this state.

5. My sister Melissa is my best friend. My heart hurts for her presents in my life. She is fun, funny and just someone everyone loves.

6. I am a servant of Jesus Christ.

7. I am getting ready to go back to college....

Ok 7 non exciting things about myself there you have it...

on to sharing this with
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Thanks Again Wendy!!


Friday, January 7, 2011

hello again

[caption id="attachment_790" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Christmas Day"][/caption]

Time passes so fast. Each day seems to blend into the other. The house is all unpacked- kind of. We still have odds and ends here and there to unpack but for the most part essentials, and rooms are unpacked. Christmas came and went-which by the way was pleasant to be in our own home to celebrate the birth of Christ

Dad and his crew

Mom and all her babes

2011 is here for us all. I am looking forward to seeing what the Lord is doing in 2011.  There are lots of things happening here:

My eldest has started his first full time job. This is a job that we have prayed for. One that took over a year for the Lord to grant. It has been his first few days so it is hard to tell how it will work out but I am grateful to the Lord for answered prayer.

Joey and Maria are starting cyber-schooling. We are heading in a different direction with homeschooling. It is not a direction I thought we would ever go in, but at this point I can say I am tired. I am burnt out and done carrying a load in our lives that was not meant for me to carry alone.

They are both very excited about this new venture. I am of course apprehensive about it because this involves the state. We all know that sometimes getting the state involved can be messy. I am leaning on the GRACE of the Lord knowing that ALL things lie in HIS hands!

Sam is working hard. He got a job with the union two weeks before we moved into this house. The hours are strange 5pm-3am.. it is rough for him. Very cold nights, and he has to sleep all day so seeing us during the day is minimal, because he wakes up to get ready for work. As for me I don't get to see him, because usually I am at work when he is here. Sometimes I feel like we have not seen each other at all which we have not gotten to share hearts with each other either.

Myself.. well I have started working. I took on helping my dad at the school and have been there ever since. In this season in my life this is what I feel like God has for me. I love the children. They are all so sweet. I get to hold and love on babies whenever I want. I look to forward to seeing where the Lord leads.. for where HE leads I will follow.



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