Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Beginnings, New church

The one thing about moving is new beginnings you get to experience. It is always difficult because we have to start over in church, making friends, find doctors among so many other things that come with moves.

This move has been no different. It gets lonely at times having to start over and make friends.The Lord has blessed us though, by bringing us to a church that we all really love right away. Grace Fellowship is a fellowship not only with GREAT strong leadership, but you see the love of Christ within the fellowship. Two things that were important to us. WE pray and hope that we can find our place in this place and do what the Lord has called us to do- serve!(pray for us)

What else- I am growing-

[caption id="attachment_822" align="alignnone" width="225" caption="11 weeks"][/caption]

baby is strong, nausea has subsided some but not completely. I am tired MOST of the time, and feel very blessed to have a new life growing with in me. Even as shocking as it was for us, the Lord has a purpose for this life.

The family is adjusting to all the changes and we are grateful for the GRACE the Lord continues to bestow on us!

Thank you to all those who are praying for me!



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  1. Yippeee for subsiding nausea! And I am so glad that y'all have found a church. You will find your place in it, just give it some time. What a blessing to have such wonderful kids and husband to help you when you need it. Don't feel bad about it, Angie. When you are a do-er like you are, it is hard to sit back and let others bless you... but you let them, okay?

    Love you! I miss you!!! Sorry to have been completely out of the loop these past few months. My life seems a bit upside down and crazy right now. Things should settle down by mid April, after the retreat!


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