Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Re-examining my heart....

The past few days I have been thinking about where I was spiritually last year and where I am today. I am so sad to say that I am not where I would like to be. Actually I would say I have regressed so tremendously and I have no idea what the cause of it was? Where the regression and compromise began?

How did it get to this?? I want to know the cause becuase how do you prevent it from happening in the future if you dont know when and where it began? Am I making any sense to anyone out there?

It is always good to look back, to exam our hearts to see where we were and where we are... It is always a reminder of the LORD's grace and mercy. His provisions and protection in our lives as we walk forward and look back and see all He has done. It is still true inspite of my regression and compromise-He has guided me, protected me, provided, and strengthened me in times of weakness. 

I often wonder why? I certainly do not deserve it!!  But yet known of us do, do we?

I am trying to find my way back but am sure how to really do it, so I ask for you to pray for me!  I ask that the Lord open my eyes so that I may see...

Thank you

A wandering Sheep in search of Her SHEPHERD


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