Thursday, June 2, 2011

them getting bigger, it gets easier....

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whoever told me that was lying with a capital L.

Children getting older does not mean they get easier!! Actually the older they get the more complicated things become. When they were young they were so willing to help. If mom was cleaning they wanted to clean too, if mom was doing laundry they wanted to help fold. Now.. ugh to get them to pick up their own dirty clothes, fold their own stuff, and put it away is like having a root canal! And opinions fly as fast as the attitude comes... pet peeve- ATTITUDE!  Some would say they get it honestly...hush is what I would say. (haha)

Grown children are not easy ladies. Especially when you worked so hard to raise them in the Word of the Lord, and spent lots of time discipling, guiding and praying with each of them. You keep guiding them away from the pits and darkness towards the light. It gets very tiring and sometimes you just want to let go of the wheel... but we can't we must stand steadfast. Be warriors for them, guiding them still in this crucial time in their lives, when they are surround by the whispering of the world saying..."you don't have to listen to them" "you dont have do what they say" "you are an adult now, you can do whatever you feel like" " you are old enough to make your own decisions"- I honestly believe those are trapping... trappings to keep our young adults in sin. Trappings to keep them from honoring the Lord through honoring their parents.

Just because society says they are old enough to go out on their own doesnt mean that is right. I can say with out the lack of experience and knowledge making the right decision for a young person is so difficult. Which voice are they to listen too? The flesh pulls so hard that sometimes they feel like it is the right decision, and in the end find it was the total wrong decision...(am I making any sense or am I just rambling?)

Tell me what is wrong with young adults seeking guidance from their parents even at this age? What is wrong with them taking every decision they are making to their parents, so they can be sure they are thinking righteously? What is wrong with them living at home?  As believers are we not suppose to do things differently than society?

Sin is anything worldly that pulls us away from Christ and to our own flesh....

So I pray that Lord continue to strength me, and give me wisdom as I continue to guide my young adults on their path towards Christ and life... I hope you will do the same...

Opening my eyes so I may see. The visions of truth the Lord has for me and them!


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