Thursday, August 25, 2011

" Geez- You are big"

These are words that have been expressed to me in the past week. I often wonder, do people not think about what they say or how they say it? Do they not stop to think that this could hurt someone's feelings or their self-esteem?

As baby grows, I grow.. nothing I can do about that. She is getting big, so in turn I am getting big. Trust me I look in the mirror- I see how big I am. I also get on the scale, I know how big I am. But it is not a big because I am fat, eating too much and gaining weight for no reason.

I have a life in me, growing, preparing herself to come into this world. I pray a healthy babe as well!

I could not imagine coming up to a pregnant woman and looking at her and saying "Geez- you are big"

I had one person come up to me who had not seen me since January or February-- she looks at me and says " Are you having twins?" I say "No" She continues on by saying " Wow- you are huge!" I walked away thinking how rude!

Really-- am I just being sensitive??

I am 34 weeks.. .

nearing the end of this pregnancy. Feeling great-- no pain, still sleeping, very minimal heartburn. I am blessed I know. Still lots to do to prepare for this gift. Still needing some things, but God has been good. I feel so very blessed to know that there are some who are very excited about this Gift from Heaven!

I have been working on a few projects for her.. making some crocheted beanie hats, I made one with a ribbon on the side(my first attempt at this)


I think it turned out cute. I have another one I am working on that I am crocheting a flower for the side of it. I will post a photo when i get that one done.

Well- I am done venting... guess I will go work on that project.


Thursday, August 18, 2011


As time gets closer for this little one to arrive in this world, all these fears keep trying to creep up. The main one is she going to be healthy? Will she have any problems? Will she have down syndrome?( because as you know I am so OLD and I am having a baby-- sorry for the sarcasm) And how will I handle that? Am I making a mistake having her at home? Will the midwives be able to handle anything?

I keep trying to tell myself that these fears are normal. That no matter what everything will be ok. But have you ever tried to talk yourself out of being afraid... it does not work very well.

I know all things are in the hands of the One who created the universe, the one who stops the ocean in the right spot, and the one who places the moon where it is. I know He is my strength when I am weak. He is my comforter, and my strong tower. And honestly He knows my strengths, weaknesses and knows just what He is doing... so tell me why do I not feel it?

Why do I still allow these fears to capture my heart and almost paralyze me at times? To distract me from what is really important... and that is life! This wonderful perfect little life that continues to grow inside of me. Just her existence is a blessing that Only Christ could give. Why do I do that?? This fear steals my joy, makes me preoccupied with things that out of my control... so why bother?

So dear saints as I come to terms with this fear... will you pray for me? I need your covering!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Radical | A book by David Platt

In our church we have started reading this book... I am excited to see what the Lord is going to do in all our lives. The challenge this brings to me, my life, and whether I truly Love Jesus as He would want... hurts my feelings some...

The first chapter makes some powerful points -
Do we believe Jesus is so good, so satisfying, and so rewarding that we will leave all we have, all we own, and all we are to find our fullness in Him??

Would you?

In this chapter-- we were to consider the cost involved in personally following Jesus Christ....

My thoughts:

" The cost Christ paid seems so much greater a cost that I would pay for following Him, Yes--ok I may be mocked in this country, criticized, but death is not something we fear. So my heart question-- Would I be willing to die for Him? Now that is something we would all probably say yes to but when face with, when a gun is truly at your head-- thats when the truth be known! "

Lord I pray that this book will challenge my family become even more radical, more strange to those who loves us as well as the world around us.

Thank you for your Son--

In Jesus Name Amen

Be blessed dear Saints--- please come back-- so that you can also read what the Lord is doing in my life through this book.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lesson from Leprosy and a Leper part 2

Luke 5:12-13

A Man Cleansed

12 While He was in one of the towns, a man was there who had a serious skin disease all over him. He saw Jesus, fell facedown, and begged Him: Lord, if You are willing, You can make me clean.
13 Reaching out His hand, He touched him, saying, I am willing; be made clean, and immediately the disease left him.

These verses have reminded me how defiled I am before the eyes of God Yahweh without the cleansing hand of our Saviour....

On Sunday Pastor David continued on this very eye opening point on sin... If you did not read the first blog or listen to the first sermon, go back you don't want to miss the first part.

Here is the link for the sermon....

Second part Notes:
II. The Lords concern
What Jesus was about should be what we are about!
A. Lord is compassionate to the leper

We don't know the last time this leper felt human touch, and our Lord reaches out and touches him.

This is ministry-- getting your hands dirty with those whom the world has cast away.

Disregard conventional modesties....
1. His compassion towards lost Matthew 9:36-38

2. Compassion towards the hungry
Matthew 15:32

3. His compassion toward the sick
John 9:1-12

4. His compassion toward the exploited
Luke 10:30-37

Philipians 2:2-4
1 John 3:17

Who are you touching? Jesus touches the most vile person in the culture...

How do we show compassion to sexual criminals? Those with aides?
What do we do as a church? Do we invite them to our homes for dinner?

Luke 7:39-- are we going to show compassion to those the world hates?

Are we going to deal with sinners with all that encompasses?

B. The Lord cleanses the leper

III. The Lords command
Don't tell anyone... He didn't listen.

IV. The Lords communion
Getting away and being alone with the Lord is important.

Do you See yourself as a leper before the Lord, sinful and broken, as you come before the Lord seeking His compassion and His cleansing?

A sheep seeking my Shepherd


Monday, August 8, 2011

Jesus Thank you...

Yesterday was our communion service-a time to reflect on the ultimate sacrifice that was given so that I could have a relationship with Abba Father. The sacrifice that no human could fathom or endure. At church they played a song during communion that was a reminder of who I was before this sacrifice. I was his enemy, so defiled from sin that He could not look upon me. But to the glory of His Son Jesus-- his blood washed away my sins and thank you seems so meager of words to say to one who laid down His life for me.

I pray this song touches you, reminds you of who you are with Him, and gives you a heart of gratitude towards the Sacrifice He was so will to make for YOU!


Thursday, August 4, 2011

31 weeks


This pregnancy seems to have flown by. I guess because I focused on life. I focused on each day, rejoicing as this little one grew, rejoicing as she kicked, and knowing that every moment I received carrying this blessing was a kiss from my Lord Jesus himself.

I am far from ready for this little one. I was blessed with a crib from my dad, and a swing from him as well. I received a few articles of clothing from a coworker of Paul's( very sweet lady) who gave me things she won't wear till next year( at one years old) That's it-- I have no crib sheets. I DO have baby blankets( plenty of those) From the McDaniel family I received a diaper bag, and from my life long dear friend and her mother I received a baby monitor. There is so much more needed for this bundle. It will come-- I know it :)

We have decided that we will be having this little one at home. I am a bit anxious over this decision. It's the norm-- stepping into the unknown, the foreign, leaves anxiety, but I am confident after many months that this is the best decision for me and this sweet one! This is how I look at it- I broke out of the mold when it came to homeschooling, why not breakout of the mold in having a baby:)

In the meantime-- I have been thinking about starting Noah in schooling. This will be my first kindergartener so I have NO idea where to start. He is surpassed the mundane ABC's though he does not know them all-- he wants more than just reviewing ABC's and coloring pages. I don't blame him. It's just as boring to me as well. All my homeschooling friends-- I could really use your wisdom and prayers in this area!

The rest of the family, Maria and Joey just finished some summer school programs in their cyberschool. They did it for extra credits. They will have a month break then the school year will start. Their books have arrived.

Joey is always eager, so he opened his box to check out his new books, but Maria well let's say she is not as eager so I won't be surprised if her box stays closed till it's time to start school.


Alexander is working hard at Hershey Park, he really does love it there. ( please lift him in prayer as he seeks the Lords will for his future)

Sammy also works for Hershey Park, as security. He as not as passionate about it as Alex. Not a whole lot of fun involved in parking cars, and dealing with tired irate customers after a long day in the park, but his easy going personality make him perfect for the job.

Paul continues to adapt to working. His work is physically as well as mentally challenging. He is realizing with authority comes great responsibility. Being a working supervisor is not fun, but he knows the blessing behind this job,. It is molding his character and I pray strengthening his faith, since he must lean on Him each day.

My beloved is getting ready to go into a very hard working season come September. He will work 7 days a week/ 12 hour days, which will be difficult since he drives 1.5 hours to work. He will most likely stay down by his job so he can rest and sleep to get through this short season. This will only last 48 days. Yes this will be a difficult 6 weeks, not to mention scary since Oct 3rd is this little ones due date. So not long after he starts this working season this little one may make her presentation. Pray for us, especially pray for him. He will not forgive himself if he misses her birth, but he must do this!

We are slowly getting adapted to PA. Moving is never easy. You have to start over in every area of your life, church, friends, and work....etc... The most difficult area has been refereeing for my family. In Texas, they had a fabulous reputation. They were known as being one of the best crews to work with. Here well let's just say that the ones in charge just shouldn't be any more. Makes me really sad because their talents are being wasted.

We Love our little church. We know the Lord has us their to serve, we just are not sure how and what. Guess thats what we have to wait to figure out:) I hate waiting, I am the kind of person that likes to jump right in. My beloved Sam on the other hand is very patient, and will wait FOREVER it seems.:) In the meantime we are enjoying getting to know the fellowship and loving them.

Well dear sisters... I love chatting with you. I sure miss all of you and would love to hear how you are!

Be blessed, most of all be a blessing ( my sister in law - Val's saying)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Grieving heart....

Hello again... I know the times I have blog have been few, but I am here and blessed to know that when I need to share you all there to listen.

The past day or so I have had a grieving heart.. NO it is not life, NO it is not my wonderful beloved husband or my Wonderful children. It is for women, Godly women, women of Christ that is who my heart is grieving for. For those women who love the Lord, desire to live for Him, and just can not seem to do it, or just unsure if they are. For those young women who have just come to Christ, and feel so alone. For those women who are home moms, doing what they believe the Lord has called them to do, be keepers of the home, but deal with loneliness, and desire Godly companionship, and accountability with other women. For women-- who sometimes just want to hear another women's voice for encouragement in the Word of what their roles is and how important their roles in the home.

I have been listening to sermons the last few days by wonderful, strong Godly men. In these sermons they preach, and teach on what a Godly man should do, what he looks like, encouraging them through our Lord Jesus's Word. Anyone could gleen wisdom from these Godly preachers. But when I was done I desired so greatly to hear words from a woman and sometimes I realized there are not alot of women for WOMEN ONLY!!! Speakers... I am not talk about Joyce Meyers type... I am talking about Women for Women only, who talk about being keepers of the home, being Godly and chaise, about being mothers, about loving our children and our husbands. (am I making any sense?)

I grieve for myself for not having the Godly woman in my life to turn to for direction or just encouragement sometimes. Yes I have wonderful Godly friendships. Women who love the Lord, but often times we are walking the same path at the same time. I am talking a woman who has been there and done that, her age and time on this earth exceeds my own.

Women as busy as we are, as much as life demands from us we need each other! Not to gripe and complain to, but pray for each other, to hold each others hands when the other is weak, to give each other an encouraging Word and to lead each other back to the Word of God when we have wondered to far away... too busy taking care of everything and everyone else!

Be strong dear sisters... most of all when the Lord places someone on your heart or in your thoughts... be there!!



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