Thursday, August 25, 2011

" Geez- You are big"

These are words that have been expressed to me in the past week. I often wonder, do people not think about what they say or how they say it? Do they not stop to think that this could hurt someone's feelings or their self-esteem?

As baby grows, I grow.. nothing I can do about that. She is getting big, so in turn I am getting big. Trust me I look in the mirror- I see how big I am. I also get on the scale, I know how big I am. But it is not a big because I am fat, eating too much and gaining weight for no reason.

I have a life in me, growing, preparing herself to come into this world. I pray a healthy babe as well!

I could not imagine coming up to a pregnant woman and looking at her and saying "Geez- you are big"

I had one person come up to me who had not seen me since January or February-- she looks at me and says " Are you having twins?" I say "No" She continues on by saying " Wow- you are huge!" I walked away thinking how rude!

Really-- am I just being sensitive??

I am 34 weeks.. .

nearing the end of this pregnancy. Feeling great-- no pain, still sleeping, very minimal heartburn. I am blessed I know. Still lots to do to prepare for this gift. Still needing some things, but God has been good. I feel so very blessed to know that there are some who are very excited about this Gift from Heaven!

I have been working on a few projects for her.. making some crocheted beanie hats, I made one with a ribbon on the side(my first attempt at this)


I think it turned out cute. I have another one I am working on that I am crocheting a flower for the side of it. I will post a photo when i get that one done.

Well- I am done venting... guess I will go work on that project.


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