Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Grieving heart....

Hello again... I know the times I have blog have been few, but I am here and blessed to know that when I need to share you all there to listen.

The past day or so I have had a grieving heart.. NO it is not life, NO it is not my wonderful beloved husband or my Wonderful children. It is for women, Godly women, women of Christ that is who my heart is grieving for. For those women who love the Lord, desire to live for Him, and just can not seem to do it, or just unsure if they are. For those young women who have just come to Christ, and feel so alone. For those women who are home moms, doing what they believe the Lord has called them to do, be keepers of the home, but deal with loneliness, and desire Godly companionship, and accountability with other women. For women-- who sometimes just want to hear another women's voice for encouragement in the Word of what their roles is and how important their roles in the home.

I have been listening to sermons the last few days by wonderful, strong Godly men. In these sermons they preach, and teach on what a Godly man should do, what he looks like, encouraging them through our Lord Jesus's Word. Anyone could gleen wisdom from these Godly preachers. But when I was done I desired so greatly to hear words from a woman and sometimes I realized there are not alot of women for WOMEN ONLY!!! Speakers... I am not talk about Joyce Meyers type... I am talking about Women for Women only, who talk about being keepers of the home, being Godly and chaise, about being mothers, about loving our children and our husbands. (am I making any sense?)

I grieve for myself for not having the Godly woman in my life to turn to for direction or just encouragement sometimes. Yes I have wonderful Godly friendships. Women who love the Lord, but often times we are walking the same path at the same time. I am talking a woman who has been there and done that, her age and time on this earth exceeds my own.

Women as busy as we are, as much as life demands from us we need each other! Not to gripe and complain to, but pray for each other, to hold each others hands when the other is weak, to give each other an encouraging Word and to lead each other back to the Word of God when we have wondered to far away... too busy taking care of everything and everyone else!

Be strong dear sisters... most of all when the Lord places someone on your heart or in your thoughts... be there!!


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