Tuesday, November 15, 2011

5 years old.. unbelievable

On Nov 13-- my boy

turned 5 years old. Though in his mind he thinks he is equivalent to my 21 year old. In alot of ways he and can keep up with him conversationally, especially if you are talking about the latest video game. He is a bit obsessed with video games, he loves spiderman, we watch the movie at least 20 times a week. He is a carbs junkie, French fries is his choice food. He thinks he knows everything because you say something and he says "I know". His favorite football team is the Jets, funny thing is, he doesn't watch football.( happens to be his grandfathers favorite team)

This year we had a spiderman themed party that was suppose to have a few kids but it ended up being a young adult party with just two little kids, him and his friend Xavier.


His guests....



To my first miracle- I love you-- Happy Birthday.


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