Saturday, December 24, 2011

10 weeks and my Christmas blessing


She is now 10 weeks, smiling, cooing and just being aware of her surroundings and all of the people she deems important. Daddy has to work hard to get this little one to smile at him. It is a change for this house. Most of the time Daddy is the man... he steals their hearts before I even have an opportunity to win their hearts. This time this little one loves mama... makes me feel important and special.Special because she preferrs me, smiles at me, and calms down when mama picks her up. My heart just burst over this little one. What a joy she is.

Her big brother duck-

Has adjusted to our new miracle wonderfully. He loves her to pieces. Tells me, mama you hold her and I will hold the bottle so I can feed her. Makes my heart burst with joy knowing he loves her so. He is such a special blessing to me.

I am so humbled that our Lord Jesus saw me worthy to have not just one reversal miracle but two reversal miracles.

My Christmas blessings...


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