Monday, January 30, 2012

One of those moments

This morning as I spent time in the Word, then read some blogs I watch this video that a mom was sharing on being a mom... in the video she said something to me that truly hit home... not that it was something new or something I havent heard before but it was something  I actually needed reminded of. Being a mother for 21 years I still need to be reminded from time to time where my strength comes from... It is definitely not myself. The Lord is my strength. The Holy Spirit is the only way I can guide these souls in the right direction. I get so weary at times. Raising or shall I say guiding older children is so much harder then dealing with little ones and disciplining. There are times I want to just throw in the towel and say I don't care, do whatever you want because it is not like you are listening anyway so don't pretend that you are or don't come to me because Ive already told you and I don't want to hear it. (are you shocked) Yes I am human with a sinful and ugly heart that has moments of ugliness.

Today I was reminded that I have been trying to do this guiding thing on my own. I cant do it on my own. If I do it on my own I get frustrated, disgusted and yes angry. I have to allow GOD... Oh I know it is hard to do. You want to "help" but honestly without the Holy Spirit is it really help?? 

I am praising the Lord for the reminder... May HE strengthen us all through these moments....


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Monday, January 9, 2012


Time seems to past by so quickly... each day blending into each other like paint on a canvas. My heart is full this morning. Thoughts going all over the place.

Little babe is growing she is now 13 weeks- she is trying to sit up. She rolls now half way, and boy does she like to babble. Her sweet face melts the hearts of everyone around her.

Noah has adjusted well to the sweet new addition. Every morning he pads into my room to wish her good morning. She looks at him very endearing and smiles so sweetly at him. It is so very sweet to see how much they love each other. I pray as she grows she will see and know how very special she is to all of us.

I read a post over at , she was discussing parenting. She has very young ones and I remember thinking when mine were young how difficult that season was. Now that mine are grown( 21,20,18,16,15) I have come realize that season was the easy part. Yes that season of their lives I was saying NO, all day, and disciplining alot more but that was such an easy result compared to now. The situations with these grown ups are different and disciplining as I did in the past is not an option... sometimes I wish it was ;)

(just a note:I have great children.They love the Lord, and honor me and their father just as scriptures says. For young people they do not go out there and do what others do, they do not date, they are in church every opportunity they can)

I have come to realize two things stay the same in parenting... consistency and steadfastness... you must stay consistent in your home... even at this age they challenge all the things you have taught them, and you must stay steadfast! I grow so weary,and in my most weary time, the Lord gives me a glimpse of hope and shows me that through Him all things are possible. In the meantime- I must remain strong. I must not waver and know that He who began a good work....

Stay diligent and know that the Lord is able,through it all to give me strength to guide them to Him and His righteous. The final desired result is to see them Live for Christ... right?

Thanks for allowing me to share


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