Friday, February 3, 2012

Wonder what it is like.....

As I sit here and watch my sweet angel who turned 4 months yesterday... I often wonder what it is like to not be able to pick something up when you want to, to sit up without assistance or even to just talk. 
I watch her struggle to learn to do these things and the whole time I just wonder what is going through her sweet little head.

How frustrating it must be. I know she doesn't know any better but I see how she just is so determined. At the same time it hurts me, makes me so sad to think she is growing so fast. I keep thinking pretty soon she will be crawling, pretty soon she will be walking, talking-- makes me want to cry. 

In past few weeks words have come to me, things to talk about, things to share but it seems like I just have not had the moments to put thoughts to the keyboard.

We are moving... yes I know everyone is probably shocked, but its a short move. Even though my heart hurts a little to be leaving this little house, it is where the Lord granted me another child, and the place I gave birth to the angel from heaven. But you know with babies come alot of things, playpen,crib, swing, playgym and with all these things we need space and unfortunately there is not an expand button to a house.(I wish) 

As for family life- well we went through a phase with one of mine.. ugh sometimes I wonder why! But I praise the Lord for the opportunity to always cleanse our home! For more opportunities to bring glory to his name in our Home.

On other news- my beloved has been approached to be an Elder/Leader of our church. So please pray- because Samuel has been approached before and takes this very seriously. His heart is always for his family, being sure they are discipled and spiritually healthy. He takes the role as father, leader, husband seriously as well as serving the church. My prayer is that the Lord show him that he can balance both. He is truly a man of God!

Reia and I started a new bible study - James by Beth Moore. I am excited to see what the Lord will do in both of hearts through this study. so stand by....



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