Friday, May 18, 2012

Stuck between two worlds

about 10 years ago we started the journey of homeschooling. In the journey we have come to realize that Homeschooling was not just a way to school our children but a way to live. I know there are some who wonder why we decided to go this route for our lives, for our children lives to school our children at home? Why do that with perfectly good public schools?
I realized when my 21 year old was younger ( not young enough) I was fighting something. Something I could not see, we faithfully took our children to church and in this season they were in children's church, we were involved in adult group, and served. Yes we were the traditional Christian family till one day the Lord showed me there was more to my walk than what I was walking. It was more than going through the motions each day. In my children I saw the struggle of knowing what was right and trying to put that into action and still be "liked" within the public school. It reminds me of
"For I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate." (Romans 7:15 ESV)
Each day it became a battle to keep the hearts of my children and to help them to live for the Lord. Then one day I realized that the very thing I was fighting is the very thing we all fight each day... satan. And I was expecting my innocent, ill equipped children to fight as warriors against the enemy in his own domain on his terms. It was setup for failure so homeschooling allowed me to equip my children, surrounding them, protecting and equipping them with the only thing I know will defeat the enemy, the Word of God.
Now that they are older I still see them struggling some do better standing on the Rock of the Word and others seem to be struggling and stuck between two worlds... As a believer we can't be stuck between two worlds. We must decide which world we prefer or the decision will be made for us because one world will stand out in us over the other world.

My heart grieves because I feel defeat, I see the affects of the world within my children and wonder in the end where they will end up in their hearts for Christ. Will all we have done to raise them up in Him be for nothing?

Lord give me strength to continue to guide each of these souls no matter age and bring YOU glory.

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