Thursday, June 14, 2012

7 days of Hope for a Weary Mom- Day 2



Yes already I am behind... What else is new.....

  1. Do you have areas of your life where you constantly struggle?
Where do you want me to start...really.. Let me see laundry is always a pile, my room could use some attention and so could my sunroom. There are days when I am on the ball but lately those days have been few and far in between.

..Maybe your dishes are piled sky high, or your laundry looks like a small mountain. When you look at those visible signs of struggle, what are the first words that pop into your head?

Ugh there is just not enough time in the day!

  1. If God were telling you how to feel about yourself based on those areas of struggle, would His voice be the same as the one you hear in your mind?
No most likely not!

  1. How often do you catch yourself comparing your home, job, income, or parenting to someone else?
Very few times have I compared my home... We are a different family. A family who try to live for the Lord and our home functions differently.

So day two was about measuring up... My issue is measuring up spiritually. I know that I don't measure up in so many ways and wonder why my Lord decided to use me to raise Godly seed. In so many ways I have failed Him. Many times I feel that failure so deeply when my children make mistakes and then I wonder where I went wrong :(

Stick around

LEts see what day 3 has to hold.



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