Thursday, June 14, 2012

7 days of Hope for a Weary mom- Day 3


  • 1. Where do you usually turn for relief? Can you relate to the story Brooke shared in this chapter of feeling completely overwhelmed?
When I was a younger mother I turned to my friends for relief when I was overwhelmed.... I am not a young mother with 5 young ones 5 and under. Now those 5 are 21,20,18,16, and 15. I search for relief in scripture and sometimes I find that peace in Him right away and other times, I have to search harder.

  • 2. Have you gotten to the place of total breakdown? What did it look like for you?
    Yes I have and it was not a pretty sight. It involved lots of yelling and crying... Now when that feeling of being overwhelmed comes over me my heart starts to hurt because I know I have failed again.
Now I have two more little ones... One is 5 and the other is 8 months and I am trying to figure out how I can make things right for them so I don't make the same mistakes.


Desperately seeking Christ



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