Wednesday, June 20, 2012

7 days of Hope for a Weary Mom- day 5

Ok take two... Ugh.. All the words seem to just flow and now I need to start all over because I lost it so Lord help those words to come to me again....


"WHEN YOU JUST WANT TO GIVE UP" was the title to this chapter and boy did the words just seem like I was speaking them...

She starts out by saying..." a mother's heart labors over her children. Pulling, tugging, coaxing,dragging,pushing,begging...all in the name of love" That is exactly how I have been feeling, how I have felt for at least the last ten years.

" those of us who really look see our children not just as they are but as they can be, might be one day." Yes those words ring so true...that's it... If only. If only they understood or just knew...that " Mothering demands body,soul,mind, and heart" Mothering is not for the weak hearted, it takes strength and courage. Why courage? Courage because you go in knowing that you will never be so hurt or wounded by anyone or anything as you can be by your children. The hurt can run so deep that you wonder if that aching in your heart will ever go away. On the same token you will never experience so much happiness, your heart will feel like it will burst from those same children. So it is not for the weak hearted.

Have you ever felt like Peter did after that night of fishing?

Yes numerous of times... I have wanted to just give up because I just couldn't and still can't see why...But sometimes the things of the Lord are not for our feeble minds to understand.

Ever wondered how in the world you would ever find the strength to try one more time?

My little voice inside reminds me that the Lord has not and will not ever give up on me.... That is what keeps me stepping forward and sometimes when I am on my face it's my beloved husband who bends down, dusts me off and allows me to lean on him. Which is a physical manifestation of what the Heavenly Father does for me.

What does “God meeting you in your mess” mean to you?

He meets me right in the midst of my messy, unruly heart to help me to find peace.

Do you expect God to change your environment, or to get it in with you, giving you the tools you need to make it?

I expect from my Lord what the Words says..." Seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be open"

Are you ready to proclaim to the world that you will never give up on your family and never give up on God’s ability to work in the hearts of your children?

First and foremost I will never give up on my Lord... As He leads I will follow. He has lead me to be a wife and mother, and I will continue in that task...even when I am weak, seeking strength from Him and moving forward even when it seems like I am going backwards.


I am on this boat till the Lord takes me home or He returns again...



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