Thursday, June 21, 2012

7 days of Hope for a Weary Mom- Day 6

Ok I know if you look at the dates you will see I am few days behind... Well more than a few but I decided no matter what I was going to see this thru.


This chapter " Sometimes it takes an Alter" reminds me of my own testimony.. I won't get into all the details.(I will save that for another day another post) Anyway, I was a young mom, all my children were young and I was so unsure and depression,sadness, even anger controlled my life. Till one day I came to the alter...there in my flowing wailing tears I found true release and felt the presence of our Lord. So yes sometimes in the deepest most desperate,weariest must come to the alter to find true relief.

Have you ever just wanted to walk away? No in most weariest( I know not a word) moments I have clung to the Cross.

Stacey and Brooke both have family members who walked away when the weariness became too much. What has kept you from leaving in the past? Knowing that I can not do things in my own strength and I am weary because I keep trying to do it my way.

Some people think the only place where you can find an altar is at church. But that’s not true!

  1. God, because of Jesus, is available anywhere, anytime to His people! If there’s something you need to confess, something that’s weighing on your heart or keeping you from experiencing joy in your life, quiet yourself where you are and talk to God about it. Where can you go in your house (or anywhere else) that can double as an altar?
Lord I ask that you forgive me for doing things in my own understanding, for relying on myself and not seeking your face as I should. Lord I am weary.... But you are the giver of strength, you make all things new. Restore unto me a fresh outlook, help me Holy Spirit to seek first the Kingdom of heaven and His God be the Glory- Amen


Seeking His Kingdom


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