Friday, June 22, 2012

7 days of Hope for a Weary Mom- Day 7




Yes I did it.. 7 days... I made it took me a little longer but I did all 7 posts and you know what each day spoke to me and today is no different.

The title to this chapter was titled " When life hurts too much"

The author starts off by talking about a loss of a child from the womb. She does not go into detail of the situation, but she speaks about this moment when she was sitting in church surrounded by children, newborns, and expected mothers and she closed her eyes to shut out all the new life and joy that seemed to surround her and she realized she had her hand on her stomach. In that moment she whispered " I miss you" to that child she had lost.

1.It’s easy to say we believe God is good and that He always wants our best, but when the difficult times come
the truth of what we really believe often says something totally different.
Have you ever experienced a time when you questioned everything you knew to be true about God?

My heart knows that kind of pain, that loss of a life. I also know the doubts that go through your mind about the Lord that come with that pain. The doubts that whether or not He is truly God,if He was and He says He loves me why would he let something like a miscarriage happen to someone who wanted the blessing he bestowed? All the whys flood your heart, and you wonder what you could have done differently?

2. Have you decided that Jesus holds the words of eternal life?

As I wept for my loss,for the life that no longer lived within me I prayed for an understanding which never really came. What I did receive was a peace knowing that though I did not know why, He knew, and He was the creator and as fast as that life was given it could be taken. Each day we receive to live our lives is a gift given to us to fulfill His will and bring Him glory and honor.

3.What does that mean when life doesn’t go the way you want it to go?

It means that I have another opportunity to praise Our Lord Jesus and He gives me another opportunity to respond and grow closer to Him...

Ladies yes I am a weary Mom but I can't imagine how heavy my weariness would be if I did not have my Lord and Savior to guide me and give me strength.


Rejoicing in Him



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