Tuesday, June 12, 2012

7 days of Hope for a Weary Mom

Day 1(take 2)

I have written this blog twice so by the Lords grace... I won't lose it again...

Mob society and Hope for a weary mom are hosting 7 days of Hope for a weary mom.

  1. What does weary look like in your home? Describe the physical as well as emotional toll weariness takes on you.

  1. Weary for me has been such a heaviness in my soul and aching in my heart, a wondering why?My heart aches because what I see in my children, the decisions they make or not make scare me, I am worried and unsure of why I have done what I have done for the last 10 years.( homeschooling, devotions with themU each day, prayer as a family on our knees...) I wonder what is all for? Why care? Why make all the sacrifices when they get old enough all they do is sin, justifying their sin by your mistakes? Why even try to live in righteousness for our Lord?
  2. Ten years ago the Lord brought revelation in our lives, a renewing of our minds through the Word and realization that living for Him meant alot more than just going to church on Sunday. We also came to a place in realizing that we were releasing our children to Ceasar each day, allowing the ungodly philosophies to be embedded in their souls and trying to counteract it with a total of 4-5 hours of " church" a week. If you do the math you will realize we were losing the battle. So the journey began of homeschooling and installing the Word of God in them each day. Now I have three that have graduated, I have 5 children that work outside of our home and I am scared. I am scared because I see them making decisions or not speaking up for the righteousness that we, through the Word of God, have tried to instill in them. It has made me wonder why all the sacrifice if they are going to forsake all? Why be on my knees? Why be different than this world if the result is no different than whose eyes are not open? My heart is aching and my soul is weary....
Where do you turn first for comfort and relief?

I turn to the Word of the Lord for comfort because there is no where else to turn. I have no one around me I can share things with so on my knees and at the feet of Jesus I go


Praying this journey will bring me will you join me on this walk for the next 7 days?




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  1. Thank you for linking up with 7 Days of Hope!

    This fight is only one that can be fought on our knees in prayer. You mentioned releasing your kids to Ceasar - take heart and know that God loves our children more than we know how to love them, and that He is watching over them, daily!

    Keep on keeping on, Momma. You can do it with His help. :)

    I hope you'll come back and link up for tomorrow's discussion!


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