Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Featured Couple over at a Wife's Heart...

Featured couple for the Month of August over at a Wife's Heart...
This is the blog post I wrote... Enjoy

Hello Dear Wives-- My name is Angie Sellers- I am married to my beloved Samuel. We have been married for 20 years.( wow when I see that number I am amazed it has been that long and that we have made it.)

When I saw the post on a Wife's heart about the featured couples, and saw the questions she asked I thought," yes that is definitely Sam and I"

I met Samuel through a mutual friend in a time of my life that I was uncertain about everything. Samuel was in the Navy and I had gotten out of the Navy. At first we were just friends, there were no emotions(at least for me) He was such a breathe of fresh air. He was unlike any man I had ever met, he made me laugh, he made me feel good about myself and helped me to see how good life could be. Even though I was unsure of my emotions and was not sure if I could trust how I felt because of the pain I had experienced but I knew I could not live without him in my life.

So began the happily ever after, right? NO-- actually so began the true challenges in my life. Little did I know this person I loved being with, and loved being with me was going to hurt me and I him.

See,very quickly did the baggage of our past set into our relationship. I came from an abusive home physically and sexually, he came from an alcoholics home which was also abusive physically. Trust was an issue for me in every area. Relating to one another was a strain and my beloved had issues setting boundaries with his extended family. All of these issues along with other fleshy struggles started to put a strain on me and our marriage. After trying to face each problem head on and directly and being shut down, pushed away and in some cases told it was his problem not mine. I gave up. I gave up on him, on us and our marriage.

I wish I could say we were able to overcome these issues quickly, but it took a while. It took years to be exact. Though we hurt each other more than any two people could and most people in our situation would have walked away from each other it was our commitment to Christ that kept us together.

As time went on and as we both grew in our faith, we were we able to tackle each issue together. There were moments of great tears, confession and asking for forgiveness. Christ is able to bring true restoration to His children. He brought restoration to my marriage. There is nothing hidden between my beloved and I, and though it hurt us both and we both remember how much the one hurt the other, the one thing I remember my beloved saying to me when I was confessing my part in our marriage was, " how can I not forgive you, when I have been forgiven" These words will stay with me forever. I came to realize that my beloved's love was a true example of the greatest love that walked this earth. Christ spread his arms, and died for me because He wanted me to be forgiven. So my beloved forgave me of the sins I committed against us and our marriage because of that same sacrifice.

Christ is able if you are willing to humble yourself to Him.

Love In Christ


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