Monday, October 15, 2012


Where does the time go really? This past few weeks we have celebrated 4 birthdays. Maria who turned 17 years old..- it seems like yesterday that I brought her into this world. I sat frozen not believing that the doctor stated that it was a girl.



Joseph turned 16 years old-- what a crucial age where I am watching my little boy turn into a man before my eyes


My baby turned 1 years old-- she is trying to walk, communicating with sign language as well as words. She is busy and loves to be held.


My biggest baby turned 22 years old. Many people are floored when I share I have a 22 year old they are shocked. I am sometimes shocked that he is 22.

Time goes too fast and is so precious. We blink and it is gone. I often reflect and wonder what they will remember most about me, about family times,and their childhood. Will they be joyous?Will they understand how much their dad and I loved them? Will they know How much we wanted to show them how to live for Christ?

Only the Lord knows for sure.



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