Sunday, November 18, 2012

Spiritual Warfare...

Lately I have felt the spiritual warfare going on for the souls of my children. I wish I could say that I was very diligent on praying as I should for them, their souls, and who they encounter, but I dont. The heaviness of see my heart seeing them struggle with what is right when it comes to relationships. The examples they have are this world and it is all around them.

It is hard to stand up, to stand strong for your faith, to be different and in all be lonely and long for that companion to live the rest of your life with. But truth be told shouldnt this be the time that you spend the most time in prayer? The most time in the word, the most time serving the body of Christ in one way or another? Filling the void, and loneliness with things of Christ and not allowing temptations, and distractions to keep you from the path the Lord would have.

As a parent it is so hard to watch your child struggle in that place, but truly they must come to a place walking with Christ on their own. Eventually you have to take their hand and place in the hands of our Lord Jesus knowing that you have given them all He would have you teach them and allow Him to lead them in their walk with Him.

Lord give me strength as I continue to guide them back to you, your Word so that they may live righteously for you.

My joy is your joy ,Lord, to see them bring forth seed for your kingdom, to stand for righteous in the hard times, and to rejoice in your presence.



Friday, November 2, 2012

Loving as she grows..

One of the most amazing things about being a bit older and having a little one is relishing the stages she goes thru. With my older 5, life was so busy I could barely think whether less enjoy their various stages.

Now that I have time, I love watching her work on trying to walk and listen to her try to talk. Today she tried to say book. She works on signing new words every day and she loves the ABCs so we are often singing that song to her.

What a blessing to have her in my life....

Thank you Jesus



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