Friday, January 11, 2013

Goodbye Facebook...Hello thoughts...

Well I did... I took the plunge and deactivated my facebook. It is amazing how much of a time consumer it is. It eats time like you would not believe. I am hoping, praying with this new found time, and lack of distraction that it will give me motivation to blog more.

As my young men get older, move closer and closer in considering that step towards becoming one with someone.. I have come to realize there are so many resources out there pointed at men and what they need to do, or what they need to be as men to get married. The sad thing is there is hardly anything for young women.

Today I challenge Paul to look at a questionaire done by Stacey and James McDonald( you can find it on Staceys  blog  that they put together for young suitors for their daughters. After reading it he came down so heavy hearted. Guess the realization of the spiritual, emotional and physical responsibilities of it all became very burdensome. Of course I shared how we could do nothing in our own strength. Only Christ can strengthen us  and help us to be what scripture requires of us..

In that I thought.. hmm I need something for a female. Something for her to do as well. Even though men are leaders, women also hold a spiritual responsibility as well in the home. One just as great as a man... Did you know there is nothing? Absolutely nothing on preparing the heart of a woman... so I have considered writing a counterpart to Voddie Bauchams book... Instead of " What He must be to Marry My daughter" it would be " What she must be to Marry my son"--- As Sandra King stated.. I dont want my men to marry just anyone. My heart is the same way. I want them to marry someone who loves the Lord, someone understands what it means to live for Him, and understands what their role is to be in the heart of man. Lord Help me!

Lift me in prayer... and let the Words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in THY sight OH LORD!

Be blessed dear saints


  1. First, congratulations for getting rid of Facebook! I have wanted to do it for years but then I can't get myself to do it.

    Second, what a wonderful idea for daughters. I didn't realize there isn't something out there for women.

    I will pray for you on this journey. I find you courageous and up for the challenge. <3

  2. That is the very reason the Lord led me to leave facebook as well and I have to tell you, I don't regret it not one bit. There are times when I really miss the people I communicated with, yet I've also learned in this time that all those friends I had...well, truth be told, the real ones (you included) have all kept in touch and we chat often. We as a society have lost the art of really keeping in touch and communicating with loved ones. My opinion......

  3. I'll be praying for you about this! It would definitely be something I'd be interested to read :)


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