Sunday, January 13, 2013


This subject has been on my heart and on my mind lately. You know how some people you meet are praying people. They pray and truly love to pray. I know it is something as a believer we are to do regularly because it is how we talk to Our Lord, and that is also how we hear back from Him, but you know this has been such a struggle in my life...... I remember it not being a struggle. I remember even having experiences when I was praying. I have had moments when I  felt the presence of our Lord so strong it was  like His face was touching mine. But I am unsure what happened... and I am unsure how to get back there...

I desire for that presence again.. to hear HIM so clearly. I wish it was as simple as a recipe or a few words that would bring me back to that place with Him... What a peace, joy and reassurance knowing that I did not have to try and He was listening and He was there..

This week has been such a hard week. I could use HIS divine presence to cleanse me, to restore me and to hold me.



  1. I can so relate. I too have been missing and desiring the presence of the Lord again. To hear Him...
    I have no great words, but know that I am praying for you!!! Love you bunches

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  3. I've been having very similar feelings lately about prayer. I used to have such a good prayer life. I really took the pray continuously verse to heart and had some awesome close to God moments! It just really amazes me how I can let something so important take a back seat in life at times. :/


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