Saturday, March 16, 2013

Should we?

Lately I have been baffled by the brainwashing or conditioning we go through starting from childhood on how to think,and what to think.

We have been convinced that it is necessary to control the number of children we have. That children are a burden not a blessing. Birth control, experimenting sexually is all the process of growing up, not damaging to you spiritually, mentally or even physically  nor does anyone even tell you that you are sinning against against our Lord and Creator.

What about the conditioning towards the acceptances of sin? Conditioning on accepting homosexuals as "being born this way" in stead of being an addiction or sin just like any other sin..No more foul then being an alcoholic or addicted to pornography but it is still a sin. But it is being thrown in  our face,rammed down our throats and our children are being conditioned to accept the sin as we have been trained to accept the sin of birth control and experimental sex.

It is becoming the norm to see homosexuals together on TVs..We are truly in age of acceptance,anything goes Except for the Christian.  Let a Christian stand for righteousness or tell a homosexual he isn't interested because He believes what the Bible says about the sin, and boy would you see persecution in it's finest. What hypocrites!!!

Should we as believers in the sovereign God be on birth control? Controlling our numbers?

Should we as Christians have things like cable TVs? Or be involved in things like Facebook?

Should we be dabbling in things that the rest of world is into?

Oh I know there are those who will argue "but we must dabble in these things to reach the lost." Really? Tell me one person you brought to Christ through Facebook? Or one person who believed in the sovereignity of God because you decided the 1.5 kids was enough so could have the nice car and big house.

We(Christians) blend in so well no one knows who  we are nor what we stand for because we have added to Scripture to suit what we want in our lives and others have taken it away. Ignoring the very commands within the Word we are to live by.

Oh Lord forgive us for we are a lost and dying race! Raise up  seed strong and mighty for you. Raise up seed ready to live for you or die for righteousness!!

Let it begin with me... I will go!


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