Wednesday, March 13, 2013


For weeks I have meant to sit down and gather my thoughts here. Time seems to run away from me with things pulling me in so many different directions; like homeschooling, the children's spiritual walk, as well as ministry work and church. Yes my plate some days seems so overwhelmingly full that even those days I want to blog and it is constantly on my mind I NEVER seem to get to it.

So I guess I should get you up to speed on what is been going on here: My eldest has ended his courtship. It happened fairly quickly after I posted the post announcing the courtship. He really started to see how difficult it was for him to continue on when she truly was not equally yoked with him. She wanted different things, was unwilling to change her life to accommodate a person she supposedly loved. Recently the mother- who said terrible things about him, and our family, without ever knowing us or spending time with us- called to apologize for not accepting him into their family. I am not sure what that was suppose to do on our son's end, but he knew that it was right to allow her the opportunity to ask for forgiveness.

My beloved is still in the process of becoming an elder. If you think of him this Saturday please pray for him. He has an elder interview with the other elders. I am unsure what that means, but I think they review his application with him. I am ready for all these man made policies and procedures to be over with. There is nothing biblical about all the things Sam has had to go through to become an elder. Sometimes he is torn in telling them so and just submitting to this craziness.

In the meantime we continue to try to disciple and minister within the church body where we can. We especially have the heart for the young people. We do hope we will get to do that regularly, but it seems this church does not do what you feel led to do. They put you where they feel you should be. (without even asking- yep that's another story all together)

Ellie is getting so big.. she is now 17 months old and oh my does she keep us all on our toes. She climbs on the dining room table, or any where she can get up on. She is into everything especially the trash. She talks alot. She is currently trying to get everyone's names. Joey she says very well. Maria is sissy. She does try to say Paul. Her first word was "mama" for once instead of dada like most babies. She brings so much to us all. We enjoy her tremendously!

Also can I get you to pray for our Ministry and the people on the funding list. (

 Love In Christ Angie

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  1. Praying! Praying! and Praying!!!

    Ellie is so beautiful. She looks like a baby doll. And man big brother is getting big too. Just growing up oh so quickly.....

    I'm sorry to hear about the courtship and yet, when the Lord says no, we must be obedient. I'm thankful he was able to see it for himself.

    Praying God continues to lead. Love you all.


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