Tuesday, April 30, 2013

as I watch...

Sunday I woke as normal, but this Sunday decided that I was not going to frustrate myself in trying to hurry to get to church. As I was getting ready my two who are the most alike.. Maria and Alex had a confrontation.
Maria was upset with Alex because he borrowed something of hers with out asking. When she confronted him he responded with a response that gave her the impression that he was not going to return her bag anytime soon. Which of course upset her more.
We start to head to church- of course since I knew about the "issue" I confronted them both about their hearts towards one another over a materialistic thing. How do we enter His "Presence" knowing we have offended one another? Of course I stated restitution was owed- Alex mechanically replied with his insincere sorry. Which was also addressed.
We entered the church in silence - as we started worshiping in song, I watched as the Holy Spirit worked on the hearts of these two. Alex- was broken, and tears flowed and Maria's heart softened as we sang. It was amazing to watch the Holy Spirit in both of their hearts to bring them both to a place to rectify themselves one to another.

Thank you Lord that their hearts are still so tender before you that you continue to work through both of them.
Love In Christ Angie

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