Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Issues we take on..and ones we should be screaming about...

We take on every issue in America but our own issues. We ignore the fact that we have starving and homeless people in America, but we fund those in other countries. We worry about the rights and freedoms of Afghanistan or Iraq while we slowly lose our freedoms here. We put stickers on our cars, put big red X on our hands for slavery of people we don't even know nor see but walk by an abortion clinic and watch people walk in and kill innocent life and say nothing. We pretend that clinic isn't there and that it isn't doing what it is doing.

 We have become a nation of tolerance of sin stating it is part of being a "free" country. So explain to me how it is "freedom" when a homosexuals can say whatever against anyone but when a Christian stands on God's Word and righteousness we are being judgemental? When a Christian calls the defilement of man's heart -sin- we are being ungracious.

They can brainwash our children within the public schools and tell them this" life style" is ok, even though it is not how God made them. They can brainwash the public in believing that our children's care and education should be the governments responsiblity to remove an individuality or independent thought from them but we can't stand for Christ,  or preach God's Word.

How did murder become tolerable?
How did marriage to the same sex that is incapable to reproduce life become ok?
How did education and care of our children become the issue of the government?

If we want an "end it" moment-- lets stand for sin to end. For every man to bow their knee and for every tongue to confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Love In Christ Angie

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