Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Christian Association of Pennsylvania Home school Conference

This past weekend we(Sam and I) went to the home school conference in this area. Last year I will say it was a different atmosphere, and a different spirit. Last year I remember walking in and thinking wow- where is everyone?- Compared to the Texas Home school Coalition conference, this conference looked empty and small. I walked around feeling lonely, unsure of what to expect. I noticed a lot of the sessions were very basic, not inspirational or spiritually based at all. I truly did get what I expected. I walked out last year saying" I will never going back" but back I went to this years conference with different hope and expectations.(hey maybe that was the key)
I went with different hopes and expectations because the sessions seemed right up my alley with speakers like Voddie Bauchman(whom we knew well since we went to his church in Houston) and Crystal Paine. Each having a wealth of knowledge to share with all of us.

Here are some highlights of my homeschooling conference experience:
1. The challenges I received spiritually
2. The NEW enlightenment I received. Satan loves when God's people are totally and absolutely ignorant.
3. THE PEOPLE I met were incredible. One amazing woman comes to mind Mary Anne Eagleson- one of the chair over CHAP. We met each other and it was like talking to an old friend. Her wealth of knowledge,contagious smile, and wonderful heart just drew me in! I loved talking to her! My beloved said "that is you my love in 20 years.". we are to peas in a pod.
4. The reuniting of fellowship with brothers and sisters from Philadelphia  We have had a family from Philadelphia that come and stay with us. It is always a highlight of our year(it has been two years now)
5. I got to hang out   for two days with one of my own sisters in Christ from my local church who is just beginning her journey in home schooling this next fall. (I am excited for her) 

This precious angel will never know the evil that the public schools brings to the hearts and souls of our children. HURRAY for THE KINGDOM.. HURRAY FOR OUR LORD AND SAVIOR!!!

Love In Christ Angie

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