Thursday, May 23, 2013


It has amazed me the processes  for one to become an Elder. Sunday Samuel along with another brother who is now a Deacon stood before the church body and recited commitments.

Just all the formalities for one to serve, I wonder how much of it is all necessary.(food for thought) Through this process I have come to realize the church has needed to set up safe guards for the body. Because as you know there are wolves in sheeps clothing waiting to devour the body( the church). There are true haters out there.But One you would want to appoint to Eldership or Deacon, wouldn't it be someone you know, you have spent time with them, their families and truly know that they are qualified for the position? If they be ones that have revealed their hearts in so many ways?

I am so grateful, excited, and if I may say proud to see my beloved finally coming forward and living out the calling upon his life to be lead, and lead people for the Lord and towards HIS CROSS. 

David speaking and praying over our Elder and Deacon

Our Leadership

Give them all your wisdom Lord!

Love In Christ Angie

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