Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fighting the enemy

Have you ever tried to do something... and no matter what you do and no matter how hard you try- ---though what you are doing is for the glory of Christ- it just doesnt seem to work, your temper starts to rise and it takes everything you have to contain a rage building inside of you from just smashing the computer in front of you?

I have been leading these bibles studies. One with a young lady and my daughter and another for some of the older women in the church. Needless to say- both times- when trying to get things prepared, computer hooked up, and video playing, both times the computers( yes more than one) would not work. I started to feel like I was under attack. Like purposely the enemy was trying to prevent me from conducting the video make me look disorganized and unqualified to do what I am doing(which is not much) Thank you Lord for shining through- for making me press forward and get it to work.

As I move forward in this role, as part of the Leadership team of this church I have started to feel inadequate, just so unqualified to fulfill whatever it is He would have me do. But the truth is I am not qualified, and I am unable to accomplish anything without Christ. Only He in me and through me, can cause me to stand and even speak His Words to others.

Strengthen me Lord through your Word, guide me with your Holy Spirit.

Pray for me dear Saints, Pray for my beloved as we walk in the Will and way of OUR Lord Jesus!

Solo para la gloria de dios

Love In Christ Angie

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