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Have you ever wondered why when the Lord gives you spiritual discernment or insight on a situation, why your beloved husband will not listen? Or he seems not to listen or to hear your words?

Today while I was sharing with a dear sister on the phone about my experiences with my beloved husband in the past I came to this revelation-  this ah-ha moment.  I realized when the words came out of my mouth that Lord was speaking a truth to me.

Through the years of being married I always wondered Lord- why give me this insight? This ability to hear you so clearly for  my husband to not listen or heed the words you are sharing with me??

Why doesn't he listen? Why doesn't he see this gift you have given me as  ,just that, A gift for His benefit? Instead, as soon as, I start to speak if my words do not agree with his or my words seem to guide him away from what he has in mind it is like a glaze goes over his eyes and you know HE IS NOT LISTENING. Can you feel me girls??? I know you know exactly what I am talking about.

Welcome dear sisters to the gift of the curse- yes you read it right! See my ah-ha moment was the realization of that this is part of the curse.

Genesis 3:16

He said to the woman:
I will intensify your labor pains;
you will bear children in anguish.
Your desire will be for your husband,
yet he will rule over you.

That word Desire is not only the word for lust, but also means devour. We will want to rule or devour our husbands, the Lord made clear in that time of judgement that we knew HE WOULD RULE US.

My ah-ha moment was realizing that though the Lord gave me this gift of discernment in knowing the outcome of a situation, Satan will be sure through WHISPERING very softly and unbeknowning to him, "SHE IS TRYING TO TELL YOU WHAT TO DO" " SHE IS TRYING TO RULE YOU"  To prevent him from truly hearing God's words through me.

Wow now isn't that profound!

I pray today dear sisters- that this Word- left you just as in AWE of how mighty our Lord truly is in revealing HIS truth to us!

Solo para la gloria De Dios!!
Love In Christ Angie

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