Saturday, August 3, 2013


Life is zooming past so fast- sometimes I feel like I barely can take a breath and things are happening, changing, moving without me moving.

Summer is in its last MONTH- wow. Maria and Joey start their senior year in just a matter of days... SENIORS. I am in awe and at the same time it makes me so sad. These two -my dynamic duo- are truly part of my heart and life line. I try to imagine what it would be like them grown, gone doing there thing and it hurts way too much to think about but I know it is going to happen. I just hope they choose the right way to leave our home. (the other way hurts way more)

Noah lost a tooth this week- it is second one or third I believe, but this is significant because it is one of his top teeth. Soon the two front ones will go.... I love this stage of life.

Ellie is growing and talking like crazy. She says new words and new names each day. It is truly so precious. When she accomplishes saying someones name in her sweet sweet voice she is so proud and happy, of course the person listening it is like music to their ears to hear such a tiny voice say their name. 

Lord thank you for this gift of life- the life you have given me is so precious to me. I feel so unworthy of it. I am grateful for each child, each circumstance that brings me closer to you. I am so grateful for the man that you brought to walk this walk with me. Lord you bring me so much strength, joy and peace, without you I am just an empty shell. Lord continue to work in our family. Continue to strengthen us through your word. Most of all be with US always. Never leave us Father to what we desire...

THank you - In Jesus Name- Amen

Solo Para La Gloria De Dios!

Love In Christ Angie

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