Friday, October 25, 2013

What do you do...

Morning dear sisters and saints..

I have been troubled by something and I am unsure of how to handle it. I am going to try to share without exposing anything really- just so I can get it off my chest. Does that make sense?

I am struggling to understand -
What do you do when you make an effort to love someone, you are always kind and considerate but people don't receive it?

You continue to reach out- they don't receive it?

Their attitude and heart shows such an inconsideration, and selfishness that is not conducive to the body at all. Excuses are made for this inconsiderate and selfish attitude ," that I am just like this , or I am just straight forward "

My struggle- do I say something or just allow God to handle it?

What would you do??

Ladies- it is so hard sometimes as the Lord places you in ministry to please all people. I strive not to please people but Christ. It is always encouraging though when woman approach me and share their hearts and tell me how blessed they are by what the Lord is doing through me. I always try to respond that "It is to the glory of our King"

But this situation is leaving me doubting if I meant to reach women. I am not trying to be unrealistic- I realize that though Jesus might have convicted people- they did not change their ways, and turned against His Words. I guess truly how I need to look at it, is they are turning against Christ not me.

Thank you Lord for all you are and what you do in our lives, in my life. Thank you for always keeping in your hands!

Solo para la gloria de Dios

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