Thursday, October 24, 2013

Why there are two....

In this season I spend alot of time alone. My beloved is gone working crazy hours, so it leaves me to care for our home, our children, finances, and anything else that comes up...

I have realized why there are two of us to care for life, and why we are to do it together, it is way too hard to do it on my own. My emotions become raw and I find myself a bit sensitive to making decisions and dealing with situations. (if that makes sense)

I am grateful to my beloved- He brings so much balance and so much order to my heart when sometimes I can not untangle it all. He reminds me of who I am to be in Christ and leads me with wisdom and the Word.

I wonder if that is the kind of balance the Holy Spirit, Christ and the Father are for one another.. Of course I totally realize that in my human mind- they never get their emotions entangled but they bring a balance to one another, each part fulfilling a role, only each one can fulfill. The power they each hold, they could do it but what wonderful balance they bring, the Spirit submitting to the Son and the Father, and the Son submitting to the Father and our Heavenly Father leading them..

My beloved brings that order to me, peace to my heart, and guides me with the same gentleness, and love that I see within our Heavenly Father. Sisters it is truly a gift of our Lord to have a man who loves the Lord, and desires to live for Him.

I know I am so very blessed!!!

Solo para la gloria de Dios

Love In Christ Angie

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