Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year-2014

2014-is here. Wow! It will bring so many changes. Some joyous yet sad ones and some uncertainties, but changes none the less.

Change is an uncontrollable part of life. It always amazes me when people say, " I hate change" truly that is not possible. Change is truly a wonderful part of life. It happens every day- and never stops. Each day being different from the one before. So to say I hate change is an oxymoron.

2014 will bring many changes for this family. It will bring additions and I pray a lot of love,. I am fearful of some of the changes, wondering if wisdom, discernment and  Christ are being included in those changes.

Lord Please have mercy on me, and my family. Help us to use the Word to guide us through life. DONT allow us to do things in our own understanding. LORD- we need you!

Thank you Father for the changes, and the new things to come. I ask that you give me strength and wisdom to continue to do as you have asked of me!

Solo para la gloria de Dios

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