Monday, March 17, 2014

Daily Scripture and thoughts

What you have learned and received and heard and seen in me—practice these things, and the God of peace will be with you. (Philippians 4:9 ESV)

Dear Ones
 Paul is encouraging believers that he discipled and shared The Word with to follow after and live according to what they have seen and learned. 

Human beings are mimickers- they follow after each other doing as the others do- if a certain shirt is In style- then everyone is wearing it. Piercings are a fad- everyone is punching holes all over their body, tattoos are the latest and greatest and guess what,yep everyone is doing it.

 When you think independently then going against the flow then you are considered strange or weird.

Following hard after Christ is not popular. Allowing His Word to manifest it self, standing for purity of body and mind, foresaking your flesh is uncommon.  Loving others more than yourself, no we live by the philosophy it's a dog eat dog world. Loving our neighbors, and our enemies, NO way... Whether less set a guard over our mouths, or honor our mother and father or even take care of the orphans and widows -- now you are asking way too much. 

To justify sin people actually say we are not in the stone ages we are in the 21 st century after all. I wonder what kind of justification they gave in Sodom and Gamorah? 

The last statement the God of peace will be with you... So if you wonder why you do not have a life of peace, examine your life, guaranteed you will find sin, and you will see you are not following hard after Christ. Peace is given to those who diligently seek after Him. You will not find peace in this World, and everything in this World goes against Our Lord.

If you say you love The Lord, then how can you pray to Him asking Him for favor knowing you have sin in your life you are willing to release or change? 

Lord forgive us for not being a peculiar people. For not having the level of love we should, to die to our selves, our flesh and be truly different from this world. Lord we take advantage of You, Your Word, and Your Grace, forgive us and help us. Open our eyes so that we may see the visions of truth you have!

In Jesus Name- Amen

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