Saturday, March 15, 2014

Daily scripture and thoughts

Teach me to do your will, for you are my God! Let your good Spirit lead me on level ground! (Psalm 143:10 ESV)

Dear Ones

The way we show our love for Our Lord is be following His Word and His Commandments. Often we struggle with knowing the Will of God. God's will is obvious and evident if you follow hard after His Word and His Way. 

Often times we believe we are in His Will based on our feelings not based on the truth, seeking His face in prayer or even lining what we are doing with the Word of God. Scripture says that even we are to seek counsel, and pray without ceasing.

We are NEVER in His will when we are in sin!  We can lie and manipulate truth to make it look like we are walking in God"s Will but truth be told we would be making a mockery out of the Lord. 

Dear Ones- are you sure at this moment you are in God's Will in your relationship? Are you sure in how you are conducting yourself that you are in God's Will?  When was the last time you went with your "feelings" and believed you were in God's will and what was the outcome? 

Lord so many times we believe we are in your will, seeking your face and truly we are following our sinful heart. Lord forgive us! Forgive us for take truth and manipulating it to our benefit, forgive us for not seeking you in all things, forgive us for choosing our desires without seeking your face and considering your way, forgive us for sinning against you with our bodies. Lord we are unworthy to come before you. Lord give us your mercy and grace and help us to turn for our ways.

 In Jesus Name- Amen

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