Thursday, March 6, 2014

When too much become too much

Yesterday was busy- normal get up spend time in the Word, Ellie wakes up, pry Joey and Noah out of bed, breakfast, schooling, Noah and answer emails.... day

By the end of the day it was not so normally- the weight of life, the burdens that we carry as mothers was too heavy for me to bear. I lost it over the mountain of laundry that awaited me downstairs that no one had touched since I had been sick a few days.

 As I sat there and cried I wondered why-- why grown men could be so thoughtless?
How did I raise men to not be considerate and not be a blessing?
I wondered how I failed... how could I do things differently to not have the same result with Noah and Ellie? I wondered if I could be different? I wondered if there was any use in raising them in Christ or homeschooling them or even trying to do things with them? What is the use? What benefit is there to gain in raising them in Christ?

This is where I am reminded of immediate obedience- Abraham was asked to take his son - the one he had been waiting for for years and sacrifice him. I know Abraham had to have thoughts of - what is the point? why did I attach myself to this boy if the Lord was going to take him from? why am I doing this?

It wasnt the point that what Abraham was asked to do would bring him joy or that he would completely love the outcome. We know the story so we know that no harm came to his son. The point was that whether we understand why? Whether we  like the out come and whether we know what is going to happen in the end WE ARE TO OBEY... I am commanded to teach my children in the way they should go. I am commanded to give them Christ and show them HIS love by being who God called me to be as a mother.

Lord help me and renew my heart in areas you know I am struggling in. Give me a fire for you so in turn I can  give Noah and Ellie what I gave the older children.

Though I still feel the burdens and I am unsure how to change things I know that Ellie and Noah need Christ just as much  as the other children. So I will walk forward and I know that Christ will guide me and give me what I need for His Glory.

Thanks for sharing my journey of life with me...

Solo para la gloria de Dios


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