Thursday, April 3, 2014

How do you sum up ones life in 10 minutes:

This past weekend I went to a funeral of a family member to a brother in Christ who goes to our church. This man was one who lived a long life. He was 80 something when he passed away. His family who was left behind- had lots of words of how wonderful he was as a father, husband,grandfather and man who contributed to those around him. He supported local sports, and volunteered, was a man who was prompt if not early. ALL these wonderful blessings, he left a mark on the hearts of His family and those who knew him well.

One statement a familly member made has rung in my ears since he has said it- how do you sum up ones life in 10 minutes? 

If someone had to sum up my life in 10 minutes- the first words I would want them say- not how wonderful I was as a mother because not all my children would say that, or how wonderful I was as a wife, because I sure my beloved could testify on the moments I was not wonderful, or how wonderful I was as a sister, because my sisters or brother will tell you all times I was not. 

What I want said first is how much I LOVED my Lord and Savior. I want words to be said on How much I loved HIM and through loving Him how much I loved others. I want my testimony and life to be summed up on how I lived for Christ, how He changed me, how He brought me out of the miry clay to a life so full of Hope and Joy. 

My life song has been this song:


Cant find the original - she doesnt do too bad

may I leave a legacy....

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