Saturday, May 17, 2014

Celebration of New Life

I love baby showers-


it shows the blessing bestowed in ones life and the privilege the Lord bestowed on them to gift them with a child. It is sad to me that we are in a society who views children as an inconvenience, a nuance, burden or even worse a pain. Oh believe me as a momma- children are a challenge.  A challenge to your flesh, patience and character,but the blessing out weighs the challenges they bring.

Have you thought about how the Lord decided to shine his face upon you and deemed you worthy enough to bestow you with a gift of a child. He saw you fit enough to reproduce, bring forth life and gave you the privilege to rear that child in the way he or she should go in His righteousness. Who are we to be given such a gift??

Who are we to deem ourselves worthy enough to bring a child into this world? Are we truly so arrogant to think that life in its creation is in our hands? Well let me tell you dear ones, if the creation of life was in my hands to control I would be pregnant right now with another child. Life is  not mine to control, the creation of that life, and decision on whether I will conceive or not, is in the hands of the almighty God.

When I was young I never realized the gift He gave me through life. Being pregnant was just that, being pregnant and having a baby, but then I closed my womb and He brought me to a place to restore myself to Him. In turn He blessed me with a child. Oh How I relished every part of the pregnancy realizing that HE truly is the giver and taker of life and decided to shine His face upon me with a life.

Today we took the opportunity to celebrate life and rejoice and relish in the gift The Lord bestowed on the couple who is getting ready to have a baby.



Lord bless them and keep them. Make your face shine upon them as you guide them in your truth and help them to glorify you in their lives


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