Thursday, May 22, 2014

fantastic fathers....

I wasn't raised with a fantastic father. Actually most of my issues come from the fact that the man who was suppose to protect me, keep me secure and love me was the same man who beat me,raped me and took advantage of my youth and stole my innocence. NO I have no idea what a fantastic father is like. I am blessed to know and have fantastic husband and a fantastic father of my children, so I do know what one should look like but to experience myself, have one treat me as my husband treats his, or love me as one should- NOPE thats NOT ME.

This video that was created by a man shows what a father's heart and prayers should be like.

A Dad's letter to his new born daughter

So many of us miss the mark- we forget how important it is to impart blessings over our children from the day of their first breathe. This does not come easy. It is human nature for us to see all the negative. To share all the things that need to be fixed and dwell on the imperfect instead of rejoicing in the small blessings and gifts that we each have.

With the knowledge that I have- I reflect back and wonder just what would be different if I understood how powerful and necessary the spoken blessing is.


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