Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It has been a year and 7 days


I cant believe a year has passed since my beloved was ordained as an Elder of our church. SO much has happened since that day--
In short recap of this year in service one thing is for sure- with every triumph and spiritual blessing came many attacks. The attacks hit us from every side and the very people in our lives that we knew would sin and be used are those ones who were used.

Our names- our testimony, our very walk with Christ has been tried and challenged. Yet we continue to walk forward -- not looking down at our very HEAVY feet but UP towards heaven seeking the ONLY face that can bring peace to the hearts of His children

Happy Anniversary my beloved--- May The Lord continue to strengthen you. May He continue to use you as ONLY HE can and may the truth continue to reign supreme from who you are and what you do in your life. May our family continue to be HIS living testimony. May we glorify the name of Jesus and not bring shame to his name!!!

In Christ---
Your WIfe

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